The fact is that a year after YouTube Gaming, you can enjoy live broadcasts by some of the best players that exist today. To use this platform, it is possible from accessing the web that has been enabled or get some of the applications for iOS or Android, which allows you to record with just a button.

By the way, to celebrate the arrival of YouTube Gaming to our country, has announced a 24-hour stream-a-thon, which can be followed live and will have the participation of well known gamers such as Vegetta777 or Willyrex The fact is that this Google service is one of the most important bets that compete with Twitter.

If you are interested in being part of the community of this new service in Spanish, whether with emission of games and games in which you consider yourself an expert, or just to check how well others do, you should know that there are some options Of YouTube Gaming that make it special and different.

For example, it is possible to enjoy multi-camera broadcasts, with images in 360 and, of course, in Ultra HD quality – for the latter, a fast Internet connection is absolutely necessary.

Other striking options are: Database with more than 25,000 games Subscription to channels and alerts of new features, there are even recommendations with the use of the engine of Google that is very powerful Previews of items you can enjoy Player sponsorship options, if desired the fact is that this is just one more push to make eGames, more and more popular, a reality in our country where there are a lot more users who play a minimum of 6 hours a week (the number is no problem The 14 million). Therefore, USA is an excellent site for YouTube Gaming.