First Evaluation of Destiny Game Series


We have the feeling that this is how the original Destiny should have been; everything that he offered us has been improved, although without drastic changes. But we can not put a note, because our experience has just begun (calm, we continue playing throughout the galaxy to offer the definitive analysis).

The game retains a sensational “gunplay”, with intelligent enemies and well-designed weapons. The scenarios are full of quirks to explore and have impeccable architecture, and the multiplayer experience inspired by the MMO gives us epic moments. The navigation is much simpler – thanks to the landing zones spread over each planet, teleportation points and not having to jump into orbit so often – and the campaign seems much more round.

In addition, Destiny 2 missions are much more varied (thanks to the inclusion of Lost Sectors and adventures, along with numerous public events) and the system of improvements is much more accessible. We even say goodbye to the Grimoire, because the “lore” appears included in the game.

Technically it improves the fair, and its design remains impeccable. But inevitably, it has lost freshness, and the experience no longer seems so innovative (at times, we have had the feeling of playing with a new expansion of the first).