Official Destiny 2 products in GAME with exclusive


Destiny 2 goes on sale today and in GAME they want to welcome the new Activision game developed by Bungie with a lot of official products. The popular video game retailer has numerous Destiny 2 products and some of them are totally exclusive. Here are the official products of Destiny 2 from GAME , but before we remind you that you can read our analysis of Destiny 2 to know all the details of this adventure.

Destiny 2 has three different editions in GAME (Standard, Limited Edition and Exclusive GAME Collector’s Edition) and all have two DLCs: Frosty Heart (unlocks an Rifle) and Exclusive GAME Spectrum Spectrum (unlocks a spectrum capable of displaying count of defeated enemies in campaign and multiplayer). In addition, all who have booked any of the editions of the game of Bungie in GAME take a figure Cayde-6 10cm high. And to top it off, GAME has many other exclusive Destiny 2 products in our country.

  • Destiny 2 exclusive products in GAME
  • PS4 Pro White 1TB + Destiny 2 Deluxe Edition.
  • Season Pass Pack + GAME Exclusive Destiny 2 Keyring.
  • Destiny 2 Gaming PC Peripherals exclusive to GAME (Deathadder Elite
  • Gaming Mouse, ManOWar Tournament Gaming Headset, Omata Chroma US Laout Gaming Keyboard, Goliathus Medion Speed ​​Gaming Pad).
  • Figures 10cm from Destiny 2 (Zavala, Ikora, Ghaul).

Other products
DualShock 4 V2 Limited Edition Destiny 2.
Varied merchandising: Destiny 2 white wallet, Tricorn shaped Cubitera, Spectrum Keyring and Spectrum Bottle Opener.
Funko POP Figures from Destiny 2 (available for booking and coming soon for sale)