PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is unstoppable in sales and users


When we say that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a real phenomenon, we do not exaggerate at all. The game developed by the Korean studio Bluehole is a competitive shooter with a system very similar to that seen in the movie Battle Royale . After throwing us from a plane, we will have to survive in a scenario that will gradually be reduced. The problem is that there will be another 99 players that will look the same, since the winner will be the last player standing.

At the beginning of the game we will start with a very basic equipment and we will have to search for weapons, ammunition and protection on the stage, being careful, yes, not to receive a shot in the process, since the game will end for us.

These peculiar mechanics have conquered a whopping 10 million users, just as its creator has just announced in social networks . It is spectacular that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has 10 million units sold , as just 2 weeks ago was for the 7 million units .

The studio is a double celebration, since today the peak of the million users simultaneously enjoying the game on Steam. At the moment, the concurrent users record on the Valve platform has DOTA 2 with more than 1,200 simultaneous users, but PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds could surpass it sooner rather than later if it continues at this rate of units sold.


Official Destiny 2 products in GAME with exclusive


Destiny 2 goes on sale today and in GAME they want to welcome the new Activision game developed by Bungie with a lot of official products. The popular video game retailer has numerous Destiny 2 products and some of them are totally exclusive. Here are the official products of Destiny 2 from GAME , but before we remind you that you can read our analysis of Destiny 2 to know all the details of this adventure.

Destiny 2 has three different editions in GAME (Standard, Limited Edition and Exclusive GAME Collector’s Edition) and all have two DLCs: Frosty Heart (unlocks an Rifle) and Exclusive GAME Spectrum Spectrum (unlocks a spectrum capable of displaying count of defeated enemies in campaign and multiplayer). In addition, all who have booked any of the editions of the game of Bungie in GAME take a figure Cayde-6 10cm high. And to top it off, GAME has many other exclusive Destiny 2 products in our country.

  • Destiny 2 exclusive products in GAME
  • PS4 Pro White 1TB + Destiny 2 Deluxe Edition.
  • Season Pass Pack + GAME Exclusive Destiny 2 Keyring.
  • Destiny 2 Gaming PC Peripherals exclusive to GAME (Deathadder Elite
  • Gaming Mouse, ManOWar Tournament Gaming Headset, Omata Chroma US Laout Gaming Keyboard, Goliathus Medion Speed ​​Gaming Pad).
  • Figures 10cm from Destiny 2 (Zavala, Ikora, Ghaul).

Other products
DualShock 4 V2 Limited Edition Destiny 2.
Varied merchandising: Destiny 2 white wallet, Tricorn shaped Cubitera, Spectrum Keyring and Spectrum Bottle Opener.
Funko POP Figures from Destiny 2 (available for booking and coming soon for sale)


Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition confirmed and release date of Not a Hero and End of Zoe


Capcom has confirmed the launch of Resident Evil Gold Edition for December 24 in Japan (we do not know its date in our territory) to the portal Famitsu, coming to PC and Xbox One in physical format and PS4 also in physical. This edition of the survival horror will include Not a Hero and End of Zoe , the two DLCs for the Resident Evil 7 story that will also arrive independently on December 14th.

For the owners of the original version of Resident Evil 7 , Not a Hero will put us in the shoes of Chris Redfieldand will be free, while End of Zoe will tell the story of Zoe Baker and will consist of 1,500 yen (about 11.50 € to change), although it will be included in the title season pass.

Since last April Capcom confirmed that Not a Hero, the history DLC for Resident Evil 7, was delayed and that was preparing a second additional content , we have nothing returned to know about these additions, but today has leaked its possible release date .

According to the Japanese portal Famitsu, both additional contents of Resident Evil 7 would come to PC, PS4 and Xbox One this year, but let’s specify something more.

As reported by the aforementioned media, both DLCs would be launched on December 14. Not a Hero , which will put us in the shoes of Chris Redfield , and would arrive free of charge on all platforms.

As for the second DLC of history for Resident Evil 7, it would receive the name of End of Zoe and it would tell us the history of the personage who would give name to the downloadable, costing a total of 1,500 yen (about 11,5 € to the change).

In addition, the source also ensures that Capcom is preparing a Gold edition of Resident Evil 7 and soon to be announced with all the details, although presumably it would be a survival horror version that would include all its downloadable content.

Of course, it is necessary to say that we are before a filtration and that until Capcom does not provide some type of official detail we can not confirm nor that the two DLC of Resident Evil 7 are going to be released the 14 of December nor that there is a Gold edition of the game on my way.

While we wait for the company to speak about it, we invite you to take a look at our guide to Resident Evil 7 to be able to move more easily until the end of the game and our analysis of Resident Evil 7 to know all its details.


Best Games for 2017


2017 promises to be a great year for PC gamers, and it’s all pointing to that we will see a number of exclusive games for the aforementioned platform like Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War 3 or Star Citizen.

In the same way that we have reviewed the best games of the different platforms throughout 2016 (the best games of 3DS, the best games of PS4, the best games of Xbox One or the best role-playing games), this time we advance and we do this content focused on the best PC games of 2017.

We have selected the five games, most of them exclusive PC, which we consider the most awaited and most outstanding of which will go on sale next year, have been left out other titles that will undoubtedly be essential for 2017 is a great year for PC gamers.

Mass Effect Andromeda will finally go on sale in spring 2017 after several delays and will do so on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Recently, and taking advantage of the gala of The Game Awards, BioWare presented the first gameplay of this new installment of Mass Effect that will allow us to explore a new galaxy, enjoy new characters and face new and dangerous enemies.

From BioWare assure that Mass Effect Andromeda will not be the beginning of a new trilogy and advance a complete end to its history. In addition, the company promises better love relationships, new missions on enemy bases and the return of some of the most beloved races by followers of the saga, although, unfortunately, not all races will return in this new space adventure RPG.

Discover why Mass Effect Andromeda is one of the best PC games of 2017 in this complete feature with numerous details of the game of BioWare and Electronic Arts.

Presented during the Bethesda conference in the past E3 2016, Quake Champions is an FPS Of firings in first person) exclusive for PC that promises to recover the essence of the franchise, but incorporating new elements.

The game is being developed by id Software, responsible for DOOM, and although it does not yet have a specific release date, it will be expected for 2017.