Most Anticipated Games Of 2017


We are about to say goodbye to 2016, a year that, even having its points of discussion, has given us many good hours of fun. With the generation already in full maturity, the developers are being able to squeeze the most current machines to offer what will be called their best games.

2017 is called to be just that: a year of strengthening catalogs, Maximum of each new game, each new universe in which to enter. It will also be time to welcome new systems such as Switch, which will certainly have a lot to say starting in March.

For the moment, as the royalties send in these dates, we are going to give a good review to the most anticipated games of 2017. Nothing more and nothing less than forty-four titles have come to mind thinking about this year that we are about to Of brand new, so look at everything that awaits us.

We go for them in two parts – here is the first – The thugs of Volition will propose to give more movement to the universe ‘Sains Row’ with this title that will retain the inevitable signs of identity of the house: action in the open world with few limits beyond our desire to fiddle brown.

At Capybara Games you have to love them. They are very much theirs making games, that’s true, but titles like ‘Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP’ are as rare as they are special, and I have no doubt that Below will keep the bar. It’s been a long time coming back, but let’s hope 2017 is finally your year.

After two deliveries that are already works of authentic cult among action lovers, returns the always explosive proposal of ‘Crackdown’ with a title that will bet to go further at all levels. Absolute freedom, much lead and much to destroy. ‘Cuphead’ is another indie that we’ve been waiting for too long, but his proposal seems so adorable and so challenging, we do not mind biting our nails a little more.

Come on, this year does not happen. Zombie apocalypse, open world and survival spirit, all done by the parents of ‘Syphon Filter’. Need I say something else? Well, we want it for ya, of course we do. Sony has not given as much hype as other projects, but surely the moment we enjoy it to the maximum.