Destiny 2 Review for PS4, Xbox One and PC


We offer you an analysis in process of Destiny 2, after playing more than fifteen hours to the campaign, reach the level 20, to enjoy the cooperative assaults and of the pvp mode in the Crucible. Prepare guardians for the ultimate defense of Earth.

Why an in-process analysis of Destiny 2 ? Because, before the game comes out, Bungie has only allowed us to play half the campaign, dedicate a couple of hours to the competitive multiplayer and participate in a few rounds. In total there are more than fifteen hours of gameplay, but they are not enough to cover such a release. So, later, when the final servers are started, we will offer our review of Destiny 2 with note .

The Destiny saga is a project of more than ten years. Activision and Bungie (responsible for Halo Combat Evolved ) have joined forces to create a gigantic universe, in which the guardians of the last city on Earth face four extraterrestrial races: Fallen, Hive, Vex and Cabal. It is a very complex world, in which every planet, every weapon and every species has a really interesting “lore”.

Three years ago we enjoyed the first game – on PS3 and Xbox 360, plus PS4 and Xbox One – and the truth is that left us very impressed: Destiny was mixing the mechanics of an FPS and the approach of an online role-playing game, and was set in a galaxy that kept growing. But it also fell short on some aspects, such as the narrative part, and the difficulty in accessing the incursions.

Destiny 2 takes the witness of that great game, with learning accumulated after two years of expansions: The Deep Darkness , The House of the Wolves , The King of the Possessed and The Iron Lords , and a lot of events such as The Proofs of Osiris or The Iron Standard . It is true that as soon as we get to play, we find familiar elements and we have a sense of “more of the same”. But enough to devote a couple of hours to discover that under the surface there is much more than it seems.

A campaign to match

The story mode Destiny can be interpreted as a giant prologue. After all, what matters in the MMO genre is the “endgame”, that is, what happens when we have reached the maximum level (20 for now) and continue to walk the galaxy in search of new challenges and exotic rewards. But in this case, we find a long, varied and well narrated campaign, which improves infinitely that of the previous game. A story in which the secondary characters are well portrayed and the narrative rests on well-kept cinematic.

The trigger of the argument is Dominus Ghaul , lord of the Cabal Red Legion, who leads a devastating attack against the Earth. After a desperate resistance, some guards (among whom we are) manage to survive and start a counterattack. Because if the main theme in Destiny was “becoming a legend” in the sequel that concerns us is “recover the light”.

New players can create their guardians with the same editor as the first Destiny, and choose from the same classes: Titan, Sorcerer or Hunter, with unique abilities. Each of them has a new subclass, with a special attack in which we use a shield, a spear or a sword.

The campaign makes us travel the new planets of this sequel: the European Dead Zone of the Earth, Titan , Nessus and IO , as we did in the first game: in the EDZ we fight against the Fallen, in Titan we find remains of the Hive , Nessus is taken over by the Vex architecture , and finally IO is Cabal territory.

The structure may also be familiar to veterans: a series of open areas communicated by bottlenecks, combining large plains with claustrophobic tunnels and unexplored structures. So that we do not feel overwhelmed, with too many tasks to do, we have some “guides” in our trip; the representatives of the Vanguard: Zavala, Ikora Rey, Cayde-6, and of course, our spectrum, which is responsible for giving us the necessary information at all times, with an unmistakable ironic tone.

Missions always rely on brutal first-person shootings, but nowadays, platforms zones, final enemies, puzzles and fleeing on different vehicles are much more frequent. It is as if all the things learned after the foray into The Crystal Chamber had been incorporated . The different types of mission are gradually unlocked, as is the list of cooperative assaults for three players, or the “versus” mode in the Crucible (only available after accepting a mission). As we learn to meet different goals, we also go deeper into the options to improve our character.

The system of progress

The level rise was something that we had difficulty assimilating in the first game. The first 20 levels could be overcome in a simple way; it was enough to eliminate the enemies that came our way. But once our guardian had reached the maximum, we had only the option of increasing the level of light, obtaining engrams that had to be decrypted in La Torre (the social space in which the infamous Cryptarch was) and equipping the best weapons and armor.

This is the same system that uses Destiny 2 , but it has been debugged so the experience is not so frustrating. To begin with, the lower level engrams are automatically decoded, and it has given us the impression that the rewards obtained were at a more balanced level with the missions that had to be met.

From level 20 we began to receive the exotic engrams, as well as improvements for weapons and armor and shaders, to change their exterior appearance. By the way, all these modifications are applied by parts, not generally to the entire armature.

It is also at this time when we begin to receive new ships and hummingbirds – a flying motorbike – that help us move through this galaxy … and when new subclasses are unlocked for Titan, Hunter and Sorcerer . In this way the depth of the game (and customization options) are much greater than we experienced three years ago with the first Destiny.

Instead of targeting a faction, we can get more rewards by doing assignments for secondary characters, such as Devrim Kay at the EDZ, or improving our reputation with the different characters in the Village.

Social experience

Destiny 2 is a multiplayer experience. We may coincide with other guardians in the open spaces of each planet, and join in with events – normal or heroic – or simply share moments of exploration. But the center of the interaction is the Villa (which comes to replace the original Torre). This is where we can decrypt exotic engrams, receive missions and rewards from the leaders of the vanguard, buy weapons and modifiers … and of course, meet with other guards. Ah, there is also open a post in which to get objects with micropayments (in real currency).

As the game progresses, the Villa’s options are increasing. We can explore to see what areas have opened, with new characters, or play a game in football, in a rudimentary adjacent field. And yet, the interaction between guardians is quite limited. We have different “emotes” to assign to the control crossbar, but it is a very rudimentary system, and we continue to miss the possibility of exchanging equipment, for example.

The best of the game are still assaults and raids ; epic levels that we enjoy in cooperative. On the one hand, incursions (or raids) have overcome their main difficulty. Before it was necessary to gather a group of 6 friends to face tests like the Crystal Chamber, the End of Crota or the Fall of the King. But thanks to the inclusion of clans, we can join a group to enjoy this way – which we have not yet been able to prove.

Matchmaking – the automatic selection of companions – does work in the assaults for three guardians. They are not so complicated clashes (in fact, we can go “in our air” without coordinating our actions with the rest of the group and still succeed) but the feeling is still unmatched.

Battles in the Crucible

The Crucible is the competitive mode of Destiny 2, in closed arenas and with exclusive modes. The different subclasses – with their specials – and the use of heavy ammunition to use a third weapon, give it personality against other generic FPS , although the pace of these confrontations has seemed a bit slow. We have enjoyed a lot on their maps, with a solid design taken out of the campaign and with 8 player modes like Survival (with 8 lives per team), Supremacy (inspired by Call of Duty Underscores) or the classic “deathmatch” search and destroy”.

The Crucible is a good way to train our guardian skills, get exclusive pieces of equipment and quickly level up, but has lost some of its most characteristic elements, such as play lists with 12 players or the use of vehicles on large maps .

Visual and sound section

The truth is that Destiny 2 called for visual improvements screaming. The first game was “burdened” by the fact that it appeared simultaneously in the last generation at the time on PS4 and Xbox One. But this time, the game has been able to optimize for the current machines. Without being any revolution, if you see important improvements in lighting and particles (although the faces are still quite expressionless).

Both PS4 PRO and PC and Xbox One X can enjoy the game in 4K resolution, which makes enemies and scenarios look – if we have a television, comatible, clear. But the console and PC versions show an important difference: while the game stays at 30 FPS on Sony and Microsoft machines (also in multiplayer), users of a powerful computer will enjoy it at 60 FPS .

What helps is the art section. The design of the planets (with a double color palette, while in the first game tended to be monochrome) weapons and the interface – which has recovered from Destiny – is flawless. The soundtrack of Michael Salvatori (instead of Martin O’Donell) was one of our major concerns, but it remains at a good level, without achieving the original. In Bungie we have clarified that this time there will be a theme by Paul Mcartney, but that his development has been equally ambitious.


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is unstoppable in sales and users


When we say that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a real phenomenon, we do not exaggerate at all. The game developed by the Korean studio Bluehole is a competitive shooter with a system very similar to that seen in the movie Battle Royale . After throwing us from a plane, we will have to survive in a scenario that will gradually be reduced. The problem is that there will be another 99 players that will look the same, since the winner will be the last player standing.

At the beginning of the game we will start with a very basic equipment and we will have to search for weapons, ammunition and protection on the stage, being careful, yes, not to receive a shot in the process, since the game will end for us.

These peculiar mechanics have conquered a whopping 10 million users, just as its creator has just announced in social networks . It is spectacular that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has 10 million units sold , as just 2 weeks ago was for the 7 million units .

The studio is a double celebration, since today the peak of the million users simultaneously enjoying the game on Steam. At the moment, the concurrent users record on the Valve platform has DOTA 2 with more than 1,200 simultaneous users, but PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds could surpass it sooner rather than later if it continues at this rate of units sold.


Official Destiny 2 products in GAME with exclusive


Destiny 2 goes on sale today and in GAME they want to welcome the new Activision game developed by Bungie with a lot of official products. The popular video game retailer has numerous Destiny 2 products and some of them are totally exclusive. Here are the official products of Destiny 2 from GAME , but before we remind you that you can read our analysis of Destiny 2 to know all the details of this adventure.

Destiny 2 has three different editions in GAME (Standard, Limited Edition and Exclusive GAME Collector’s Edition) and all have two DLCs: Frosty Heart (unlocks an Rifle) and Exclusive GAME Spectrum Spectrum (unlocks a spectrum capable of displaying count of defeated enemies in campaign and multiplayer). In addition, all who have booked any of the editions of the game of Bungie in GAME take a figure Cayde-6 10cm high. And to top it off, GAME has many other exclusive Destiny 2 products in our country.

  • Destiny 2 exclusive products in GAME
  • PS4 Pro White 1TB + Destiny 2 Deluxe Edition.
  • Season Pass Pack + GAME Exclusive Destiny 2 Keyring.
  • Destiny 2 Gaming PC Peripherals exclusive to GAME (Deathadder Elite
  • Gaming Mouse, ManOWar Tournament Gaming Headset, Omata Chroma US Laout Gaming Keyboard, Goliathus Medion Speed ​​Gaming Pad).
  • Figures 10cm from Destiny 2 (Zavala, Ikora, Ghaul).

Other products
DualShock 4 V2 Limited Edition Destiny 2.
Varied merchandising: Destiny 2 white wallet, Tricorn shaped Cubitera, Spectrum Keyring and Spectrum Bottle Opener.
Funko POP Figures from Destiny 2 (available for booking and coming soon for sale)


PES 2018 comes with exclusive reserve gifts in GAME


The annual delivery of the Konami football simulator comes close to PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One and in GAME they want to encourage us to reserve PES 2018 by offering us several gifts. And is that, now, when booking any edition of PES 2018 in GAME we can take home completely free with the game a great exclusive t-shirt of the game. But there’s more!

GAME stores will exclusively feature the PS 2018 PS2 Legendary Edition and if we reserve this edition we can get a gift, in addition to the aforementioned T-shirt, an exclusive wristwatch with the video game logo. And if you still do not know this Legendary Edition of PES 2018 for PS4 exclusive of GAME , below we detail its contents:

  • Exclusive metal case
  • 1GB USB
  • UEFA Champions League agent for myClub
  • Partner Team Agent
  • 4 x Home Agents
  • 10,000 GP x 10 weeks
  • Exclusive cards for the UEFA Champions League 2017/18 collection
  • PES Legend – Agent for myClub
  • MyClub currencies (valued at € 10)
  • Usain Bolt Agent for myClub

On the other hand, we remind you that you can know many details of this football game thanks to our progress of PES 2018 , where we tell you what we thought after seeing it in E3 2017, and so prepare for what is to come from the September 14, when Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 goes on sale.


Most Anticipated Games Of 2017


We are about to say goodbye to 2016, a year that, even having its points of discussion, has given us many good hours of fun. With the generation already in full maturity, the developers are being able to squeeze the most current machines to offer what will be called their best games.

2017 is called to be just that: a year of strengthening catalogs, Maximum of each new game, each new universe in which to enter. It will also be time to welcome new systems such as Switch, which will certainly have a lot to say starting in March.

For the moment, as the royalties send in these dates, we are going to give a good review to the most anticipated games of 2017. Nothing more and nothing less than forty-four titles have come to mind thinking about this year that we are about to Of brand new, so look at everything that awaits us.

We go for them in two parts – here is the first – The thugs of Volition will propose to give more movement to the universe ‘Sains Row’ with this title that will retain the inevitable signs of identity of the house: action in the open world with few limits beyond our desire to fiddle brown.

At Capybara Games you have to love them. They are very much theirs making games, that’s true, but titles like ‘Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP’ are as rare as they are special, and I have no doubt that Below will keep the bar. It’s been a long time coming back, but let’s hope 2017 is finally your year.

After two deliveries that are already works of authentic cult among action lovers, returns the always explosive proposal of ‘Crackdown’ with a title that will bet to go further at all levels. Absolute freedom, much lead and much to destroy. ‘Cuphead’ is another indie that we’ve been waiting for too long, but his proposal seems so adorable and so challenging, we do not mind biting our nails a little more.

Come on, this year does not happen. Zombie apocalypse, open world and survival spirit, all done by the parents of ‘Syphon Filter’. Need I say something else? Well, we want it for ya, of course we do. Sony has not given as much hype as other projects, but surely the moment we enjoy it to the maximum.


Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition confirmed and release date of Not a Hero and End of Zoe


Capcom has confirmed the launch of Resident Evil Gold Edition for December 24 in Japan (we do not know its date in our territory) to the portal Famitsu, coming to PC and Xbox One in physical format and PS4 also in physical. This edition of the survival horror will include Not a Hero and End of Zoe , the two DLCs for the Resident Evil 7 story that will also arrive independently on December 14th.

For the owners of the original version of Resident Evil 7 , Not a Hero will put us in the shoes of Chris Redfieldand will be free, while End of Zoe will tell the story of Zoe Baker and will consist of 1,500 yen (about 11.50 € to change), although it will be included in the title season pass.

Since last April Capcom confirmed that Not a Hero, the history DLC for Resident Evil 7, was delayed and that was preparing a second additional content , we have nothing returned to know about these additions, but today has leaked its possible release date .

According to the Japanese portal Famitsu, both additional contents of Resident Evil 7 would come to PC, PS4 and Xbox One this year, but let’s specify something more.

As reported by the aforementioned media, both DLCs would be launched on December 14. Not a Hero , which will put us in the shoes of Chris Redfield , and would arrive free of charge on all platforms.

As for the second DLC of history for Resident Evil 7, it would receive the name of End of Zoe and it would tell us the history of the personage who would give name to the downloadable, costing a total of 1,500 yen (about 11,5 € to the change).

In addition, the source also ensures that Capcom is preparing a Gold edition of Resident Evil 7 and soon to be announced with all the details, although presumably it would be a survival horror version that would include all its downloadable content.

Of course, it is necessary to say that we are before a filtration and that until Capcom does not provide some type of official detail we can not confirm nor that the two DLC of Resident Evil 7 are going to be released the 14 of December nor that there is a Gold edition of the game on my way.

While we wait for the company to speak about it, we invite you to take a look at our guide to Resident Evil 7 to be able to move more easily until the end of the game and our analysis of Resident Evil 7 to know all its details.


Best Games for 2017


2017 promises to be a great year for PC gamers, and it’s all pointing to that we will see a number of exclusive games for the aforementioned platform like Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War 3 or Star Citizen.

In the same way that we have reviewed the best games of the different platforms throughout 2016 (the best games of 3DS, the best games of PS4, the best games of Xbox One or the best role-playing games), this time we advance and we do this content focused on the best PC games of 2017.

We have selected the five games, most of them exclusive PC, which we consider the most awaited and most outstanding of which will go on sale next year, have been left out other titles that will undoubtedly be essential for 2017 is a great year for PC gamers.

Mass Effect Andromeda will finally go on sale in spring 2017 after several delays and will do so on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Recently, and taking advantage of the gala of The Game Awards, BioWare presented the first gameplay of this new installment of Mass Effect that will allow us to explore a new galaxy, enjoy new characters and face new and dangerous enemies.

From BioWare assure that Mass Effect Andromeda will not be the beginning of a new trilogy and advance a complete end to its history. In addition, the company promises better love relationships, new missions on enemy bases and the return of some of the most beloved races by followers of the saga, although, unfortunately, not all races will return in this new space adventure RPG.

Discover why Mass Effect Andromeda is one of the best PC games of 2017 in this complete feature with numerous details of the game of BioWare and Electronic Arts.

Presented during the Bethesda conference in the past E3 2016, Quake Champions is an FPS Of firings in first person) exclusive for PC that promises to recover the essence of the franchise, but incorporating new elements.

The game is being developed by id Software, responsible for DOOM, and although it does not yet have a specific release date, it will be expected for 2017.


How to Overcome Gaming Addiction in Simple Steps


In this article I will explain steps to overcome and get out of the gaming, return to your previous life and stop wasting your money. On the other hand, you have to keep in mind that you can do it, although you will have to persevere and be strong. You do not have to play every day to have problems with the game. You have problems with the game if that causes you problems.

The problem is not only economic. gaming can cause a relationship to break or lose important personal relationships. The cause of playing is not from others. Some gaming addicts blame their partners for behaving like that.

Doing so is avoiding responsibility for your actions, including doing what is necessary to overcome the problem. The problem with the game is not overcome by paying debts, but overcoming addictive behavior.

In gaming there are no obvious physical signs as if there are in addiction to drugs or alcohol.In addition, gaming addicts often hide their addiction to others: they travel long distances to play and hide their close people.

You may have a problem with the game if:You play even when you have no money: bet until you have lost all the money, later you want to recover it using money from cards or money borrowed.

Your family or friends worry about you: it’s because the game is affecting your life. You want to hide it: bets in secret and lie about what you bet or what you win.You lose control: you are not able to leave the play area when you lose.

The biggest step to take in the treatment of gaming is to accept that you have problems with gaming. It takes courage and strength to do it, especially when you’ve lost a lot of money or lost relationships along the way. However, it is a necessary step, and many people who have overcome this problem have had to give. Overcoming the problem is not easy, although you can if you seek support and follow the treatment.




The fact is that a year after YouTube Gaming, you can enjoy live broadcasts by some of the best players that exist today. To use this platform, it is possible from accessing the web that has been enabled or get some of the applications for iOS or Android, which allows you to record with just a button.

By the way, to celebrate the arrival of YouTube Gaming to our country, has announced a 24-hour stream-a-thon, which can be followed live and will have the participation of well known gamers such as Vegetta777 or Willyrex The fact is that this Google service is one of the most important bets that compete with Twitter.

If you are interested in being part of the community of this new service in Spanish, whether with emission of games and games in which you consider yourself an expert, or just to check how well others do, you should know that there are some options Of YouTube Gaming that make it special and different.

For example, it is possible to enjoy multi-camera broadcasts, with images in 360 and, of course, in Ultra HD quality – for the latter, a fast Internet connection is absolutely necessary.

Other striking options are: Database with more than 25,000 games Subscription to channels and alerts of new features, there are even recommendations with the use of the engine of Google that is very powerful Previews of items you can enjoy Player sponsorship options, if desired the fact is that this is just one more push to make eGames, more and more popular, a reality in our country where there are a lot more users who play a minimum of 6 hours a week (the number is no problem The 14 million). Therefore, USA is an excellent site for YouTube Gaming.


First Evaluation of Destiny Game Series


We have the feeling that this is how the original Destiny should have been; everything that he offered us has been improved, although without drastic changes. But we can not put a note, because our experience has just begun (calm, we continue playing throughout the galaxy to offer the definitive analysis).

The game retains a sensational “gunplay”, with intelligent enemies and well-designed weapons. The scenarios are full of quirks to explore and have impeccable architecture, and the multiplayer experience inspired by the MMO gives us epic moments. The navigation is much simpler – thanks to the landing zones spread over each planet, teleportation points and not having to jump into orbit so often – and the campaign seems much more round.

In addition, Destiny 2 missions are much more varied (thanks to the inclusion of Lost Sectors and adventures, along with numerous public events) and the system of improvements is much more accessible. We even say goodbye to the Grimoire, because the “lore” appears included in the game.

Technically it improves the fair, and its design remains impeccable. But inevitably, it has lost freshness, and the experience no longer seems so innovative (at times, we have had the feeling of playing with a new expansion of the first).